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Hi,and many thanks for coming on board,our "60's Sunday" show is on every week from 08.00-11.00 here in the Uk.Locally for Market Harborough we broadcast on 102.3 FM,but further afield at

We are now using our latest operating system at HFM from last Thursday 29th October,this is the clever bit of kit that usually plays out the music & jingles that you hear on air.It's all part of an upgrade that is sort of being pushed on the station,don't worry it will all sound the same your end,and will give us many more years of "local" radio.

This Sunday was my second outing with it,and I must admit that it was a pretty good thing to be using,just a case of getting used to where some of the options are laid out on the screen.

For those of you fancy tuning in to our show from anywhere in the world,listed below is some helpful pointers for you.It is always good to know that you miss us when you are on your travels.And it gives you our latest news,and the chance to contact the HFM studio etc.

How do you do that I hear you say,?you can get the HFM App from the various providers.(and its all free).Then tune in on any other device at 

Well,pleased to say that everyone enjoyed our first three editions of "Pirates Gold" on 102.3 HFM,just something we will do for the last Sunday of the month.

So once again,many thanks for everyone who was on board,it means so much to me & every other presenter if we hit the spot.We are going to hear some extra special records next week,and they will all be from the 1960's.

Evening time's,and what could be better than snuggling down to watch some vintage TV,?loads of the stuff on Britbox UK I did not see when it was broadcast first time,so now is an ideal chance to play "catchup".

Listed below is the site that is full of so many "British Classics",yes it costs 5.99 per month,but I think it is good value.The classic tv is added to each & every week,so it's worth a look.(there is always different material coming along).

You may have seen the adverts for that streaming service called "Britbox",? I thought I would give the month's free trial a whirl to see what was on offer.

The content will be added to as time passes by.?I did find the series of "Shetland" on there,had not seen it before,it is written by the same person who does "Vera",was worth a look.

The other night I had binge watched a police drama with Sheridan Smith,really enjoyed seeing that again after a few years.

Each week they keep adding to the listings,coming this month will be some greats,including "Space 199,UFO, and more Gerry Anderson material,these are coming this week,and I will keep subscribing,as it is good value for it's cost.

Pleased to report that after my month's free trial,I am still loving it,and happy to cough up my monthly subscription.As I say,it will keep getting more & more updates.

It's worth a look if you do you like to enjoy some classics & series from years gone by,you might be surprised to what keeps cropping up each week.(might be something worth looking the night's become a bit longer).?

Each month different films and shows are joining the list,so it may be well worth you taking the free trial for a month.?

There will be loads of good records on offer for our show for our three hours this week,and the stuff we play was all initiated by the launch of Radio Caroline at the Easter weekend of 1964,by Ronan O' Rahilly.

The station played pop music all day, while the BBC only played pop for an hour a week,and at other times just covers played by the Northern dance orchestra etc.

The good ship "Pop" is on from 08.00-11.00 as usual for our "60's Sunday",three hours of instant nostalgia,with loads of music & jingles from the watery wireless days.Just go to & click on the listen button(all clever stuff).?

56 years ago over the recent Easter weekend,and the world of radio was given a rude awakening.It was the launch of Radio Caroline broadcasting "pop music" to the swinging 1960's from a ship anchored 3 miles of the Frinton on Sea in Essex.

And we shall always remember the man with so much creative power at the very start,he was of course Mr Ronan O' Rahilly.RIP.

What was to follow was the emergence of a radicle style of radio presenting,with jingles & a sort of hit parade of the latest hits spun by "Disc jockey's".!

This style would become slicker & faster paced with the addition of other powerful Radio brands such as Radio London,and then RNI in the 1970's.

So all this and more was on offer during our show,was it really 10 month's ago that we enjoyed the last look back.(oh how the world has changed).!!!!

Hopefully we can just look forward to doing all of this,next Easter of course.?

And 31 years ago recently,on the 6th April,1990, that KCBC 1530AM started broadcasting for the first time from Robinson Close in Kettering. Howard Rose played Caroline by the Fortunes as the first record. Lester Cowling formerly of the Evening Telegraph was behind the scenes in what was part of the first wave of 'Incremental Stations'. The station provided me with my first taste at being 'on air' at a real radio station and a job in the mid 90's and latterly freelance work in the early 2000's. Now completely wiped from the local radio map when Connect was turned into Smooth. Many people have gone on to have careers in radio and are still broadcasting to this day in one form or another!And by complete contrast the so called local radio station for this part of the world has become "Smooth' radio,which I do believe comes out of Nottingham.!(this is not local radio,networked maybe,but not local).

We can keep going back to happier times,the early 1960's to be precise, I started out in the game in 1964,and I always try to think that the "show must go on".And over all these years I can count the number of gigs & shows that I have missed on two hands. So 56 years in the pot & I have always soldiered on to put the show on.

And thankfully at the moment it still does for the "60's Sunday".(hope you keep listening for as long as we can).

We do have this heavy leaning back to the offshore sounds of the "swinging sixties",as I really do believe that British radio was sounding at it's very best. You may have other ideas of the sort of radio that you prefer.?(we have the on/off switch,or the dial to have a twiddle).!

So if that sort of thing is tempting you?,we hope to see you every Sunday morning at 08.00 (BST).See above note.

Well, we have the perfect three hours to help you to do all of this in a relaxing frame of mind.

Every week we have so much of instant nostalgia, to transport us back to those heady days of the 1950's & 1960's.So if you miss a show,fear not,you can drop by the following week.

Our three hours do certainly keep us on our toes,and there is bound to be something for most people.Wherever you are based in the world,you can tune in each week at,more locally around South Leicestershire,Market Harborough,and North Northamptonshire on 102.3 FM.

I am sure most of us like Cliff Richard,after all he is our answer to some of the king's of rock & roll from America,and Cliff has stayed at the top of his game for well over 50 years.So I am sure loads of listeners will appreciate this new addition,it will popping up just before an Elvis track every week.For those who have not heard it,we will do this feature at 9.45 in the morning.All the other usual ingredients will be in place for our pleasure,to help you be transported back, we will play some of the best music ever recorded,plus the jingles from the offshore radio days.Hope that has made you want to tune in each & every week.?

We will be using our usual show format this week starting at 08.00 each & every Sunday.We have so many great records to choose from each week,and I am sure the record box will be crammed with some of your favourites.?Well to find out,just tune in to our "60's Sunday radio show on 102.3 HFM each and every week.But it's not just the records that make it what it is,the jingles are fully of the "salty air"that was pouring out of our transistor radios in the offshore days.!

Our spotlighted years,which are1953-73,so there is quite a bit of contrast over the twenty year period.So we move from the early days of the solo singers in the shape of Al Martino,to the groups like Mud & the Sweet.Don't forget that we have put the clocks forward in the UK ,so we will be along an hour later at 08.00 BST.And to make everything sail along smoothly we have a big selection of offshore radio jingles as usual.

And we must remember that without the endeavours of all of the staff of the Pirate station's that gave us so many hours of "watery wireless",we would have never have had any of the "station's" that we take for granted whenever we switch on the radio.So with that in mind,you can hear loads of the jingles played on Caroline & Radio London throughout our weekly "60's" fix.This week we will enjoy the very best in music from that crucial double decade from 1953-73. So do join us at 08.00-11.00 in the UK on 102.3 HFM,or at

So loads of offshore radio jingles & facts,and of course 3 hours of fab music.I am sure we are going to have a full crew muster by 08.00,as we are about to set sail on the good ship "Pop" for 3 hours of the very best music on your radio dial. As we mentioned before,we have now notched up well over 600 "Sixties Sunday" show's. (whether there will be a 1000th is debatable of course).?

Peter Moore told the wireless world on 17th May,2017, Radio Caroline has finally been given the chance to broadcast with a full time licence by Ofcom.This will allow them to broadcast to Suffolk & parts of north Essex on AM,(medium wave)as well as their digital platform,giving them credit for slogging it out for over 50 years in this country to carry on the dream that started out at Easter 1964 on the north sea.They had hoped to be on air for August,which marked the 50th anniversary of the Marine broadcasting bill.Peter Moore is the manager of Caroline,and has fought long & hard to bring about this positive news.

One thing you can rely on each & every week is the quality of music etc for our "60's Sunday" show on 102.3 HFM.And this week we have some more gems in the record box that cover the music of the fab & the famous.

Well you know what we do,and hopefully why we do it,?so I do hope that you made it along last summer,it was Sunday August 14th, between 08.00-11.00 BST on 102.3 HFM,as we did our annual watery wireless tribute to the closure of all the offshore stations,with the exception of Radio Caroline from August 1967.(now over 50 yrs on air).

And remember we are the only show on this radio station that has a near 100% record of being on air when you want to tune in every week.! (14 yrs on & we have only been absent from 4 shows in total).

A big part of the show's feel & nostalgia is the sound clips,records & jingles that we were lucky enough to have on our transistor radios back to the days of watery wireless. Many listeners ask where they can obtain such Offshore material from,well the one that I always reccomend is East Anglian Productions who are based in Frinton-on-sea.There address is Radio P.O box 7336. Frinton-on-sea.Essex. CO13 0WZ.

You can email or give them a call on 01255-676252.

By the way if there is any material that I play and you think that it may infringe copyright,please contact me & I will remove it.

I was told that two shows are un-missable in the latest survey of our 23,500 plus audience for 102.3 HFM.One is thankfully our"60's Sunday,and following along at 11.00 is the "boss jock" himself Chris Jones with his great "The bit in the middle". We now call this a part of our "super Sunday" on HFM.

And finally good to know that we are still getting reports of so many listeners finding the show each week, many of these are tuning in from abroad via the internet at,but wherever you are joining us from,you are more than welcome of course.And as the weeks go by,it is growing every week.

Anyway hopefully we have another great selection of nostalgic songs lined up from 08.00-11.00 BST to make us look back to former years. Every so often we get to meet and chat to some of our gang,and I was speaking to several people who had kind words to say about our show, it always comes as a pleasant surprise.The reason that I say that is because sitting in a studio you are pretty cut off from the outside world & do not fully appreciate just what is going on at the end of the radio.(either way thanks to those who do take the trouble to contact me in whatever way).!Sometimes you may have a bit of a task contacting me by phone when I am on air,its just that I have so many things going on at my end.(but you never know your luck).!So indeed if you do enjoy the show feel free to tell your friends about us.

Annually without fail we always mark the birthday of Radio Caroline, and she has been on air for over a half a century now.Caroline is the station that changed the morbid face of radio broadcasting forever,when she gave us the much needed pop music to compliment the so called "swinging sixties". And was broadcasting for the first few weeks from a converted ferry boat anchored 3 miles off of the Frinton,Essex coastline in 1964.Then she joined forces with another pop station that joined them called Radio Atlanta,they became one station and called themselves Radio Caroline North,which sailed off to the Isle of Man.And Caroline South and remained anchored off the Essex coast transmitting from the ship called the Mia Migo.I think we should all keep that sobering thought with us forever more.! Lets hope that you all enjoyed flashing back to Caroline's past. I certainly had lots of feedback on the subject, so thanks to one and all that got in touch,and we will hopefully be here to do it all over again this Easter weekend.(2020)?

All this leads us neatly into where I broadcast the "60's Sunday" from these days from 08.00-11.00 BST,and that is 102.3 HFM. On Sunday 10th February 2020,we celebrated 13 years of truly local full time broadcasting, and are now well  into the terms of our licence. So we hope that you are enjoying the radio that just comes out of Market Harborough & nowhere else.?(we try to be original & unique in these parts for you).

The studios are located in what we like to call HFM towers (well it is Fernie road now), in the centre of Market Harborough near the railways station, this sits nicely in the core area to which we serve of South Leicestershire & North Northamptonshire.But with the added luxury of the Internet you can tune in anywhere in the world at and of course its all in stereo these days.

Each and every week without fail we bring you the music that shaped our destiny from that crucial double decade of 1953-1973,I suppose the starting point of 1953 may not immediately jump out at you.But it was the year of the very first UK hit parade as we knew it, and keener listeners will know that the record that held the honour of being the original number was "Al Martino" singing Here in my heart,which stayed in the zenith position for over a couple of months.And maybe an ideal cut off occurs in 1973 because in my humble opinion the pop music had changed so much from the stuff we enjoyed in the 1950's and 1960's.!! Last August we recalled the closing down of watery radio in August,1967.Anyway I hope that you enjoyed it as we return to our usual format for the best part of the year.(it rolled around quite a few months ago now).But as we speak it is only a matter of a few months away again.

On the half hour throughout the show I update you on the local weather word,many of you have enquired where I get the information from.Well I am pleased to tell you that it is supplied by the excellent Rushden weather station,and is owned & operated by John Clapp, you can go this site at Could I also point you in the direction of a fab site that is a goldmine for all things about the former medium wave station for Northamptonshire, so why not visit a fab tribute site to 1584 KCBC radio,click on the link for all the very latest on past DJ's & staff too, this was updated some years ago in April 2011 with shots from our reunion which was held in Kettering 8 years ago in April 2011.I am sure you will have a really great time checking up on the voices & faces from the station that was proud to be real local radio from Kettering. (it was all fun I promise you).! 

Easter Sunday,2020(I know that it was a fair while ago now) and it was a great pleasure to run out some of the records and jingles that would have been played on Radio Caroline over her fab watery lifetime.Well back to this weeks show for another autumn weekend.So it was all aboard for our annual look back at the passing of the marine offences bill from August 14th,1967.I trust that you enjoyed hearing the jingles,music beds & of course the records from that era too.

So feel free to pop in anytime between 08.00-11.00 each and every Sunday,and no two shows will ever be the same due to the fact that each week the subject matter will change each week as we feature the music from the fab & the famous from 1953-1973.

Radio has never been as good in my humble oppinion since those heady days of watery wireless,this is despite having thousands of stations to choose from these days.So I do hope you will enjoy the show as much as I do playing the jingles & records that made it so special.!!On a bizarre note I was reminded of the sheer power of radio when I received a letter from the maximum security prison at Garteee,which is just on the outskirts of Market Harborough for those of you listening from further afield..The resident concerned told me of his love of our show,and that it gives him great comfort from 08.00-11.00 every week since his transfer from the prison at Milton Keynes.The sad fact is that he is to serve the best part of 16 years behind bars for his crime.!!(so at least we have a captive audience).

Mind you don't have to be in an institution to tune in, if you wish to to write to me I always send a fairly rapid reply,so remember the "60's Sunday is all about the musical memories that you have,and all of fun times that we can remind you of, so as always we urge you to contact us on 01858-464666,email at or why not drop me a line,my email is Or if you wish to send a letter to the station, it is Paul Wright.HFM Radio.Fernie house.Fernie Road.Market Harborough.LE16 7PH.

Godbless from Paul Wright.

 Every so often we have a guest or even guests on the show,our most recent ones to drop by on the show were two of "70's hit makers "St Cecilia",who had the energy back then in 1971 to urge us to "Leap up & down etc".St Cecilia have just released their Christmas record called "Shout out its Christmas",singer/song writer Keith Hancock was joined in the studio by guitarist John Proctor,and brought us up to speed with whats going on now. Incidentally I was informed by Keith that the song had been viewed on Youtube over 170,000 times,no doubt down to the fact that it was mentioned on several occasions.!

And thanks to those of you who told me how much you enjoyed hearing my second chat with Barry Noble.He has been on the scene since the 1960's and is Barry Noble.Barry joined a long list of guests who come onto the show,Barry continues to support the show by sending us updates on various artists. From time to time we have our special guests drop by for a chat,and previously one for the girls was the late John Walker from the Walker brothers,we had him on the line from his home in the USA.This adds onto our list of great 60's hitmakers,they were Gerry Marsden (Mr Liverpool himself),the singer who was backed in Liverpool by the Beatles,and he was our very own lad from the Isle of Wight,Craig Douglas.Big in everyway is P.J.Proby,and we had a colourful chat with big Jim,we were also joined recently by Alan Taylor from the New Applejacks,and he told us of his times backing Adam Faith & Billy Fury.Back to Liverpool for the biggest scouse group to be still going,and it was a pleasure speaking to the original member who is still with the group,and he is John Mc Nally.When England won the football world cup in 1966 Chris Farlowe was sitting at number one on the hit parade with out of time,and it is pity that we did run out of time with the king of the mods Chris,what a very interesting guy.And last but certainly not least was the man from Essex who now lives in Milton Keynes,and we had such a great chat,and I certainly could have chatted forever to Brian Poole.Clem Cattini skinbasher for Johnnie Kidd & the Pirates and the Tornados was on recently,he is coming back in a few weeks to tell us a bit about the 30+ number one records that he drummed on.Glad to report that Graham Smith went down a storm telling all about Kathy Kirby,you can check out more at his on line magazine called encore on line.So more big names to come on our 60's Sunday show,and of course if you can throw a name into the ring for me,I will do my best to get them on the show.Our famous guest was none other than Spencer Davis joining us from America.Our recent star guest was everyone's favourite singer Vince Hill,who spoke to us from his riverside home in Oxfordshire, prior to that we chatted with Phil Capaldi ace drummer with Joe Brown & the Bruvvers.And recently we had the entertaining chat with Beaky,from Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Titch,this was prior to his new bands gig at the Union Inn,in Market Harborough.(they are called the Beaky band by the way).Searchers bass guitarist also told us facts behind the group,and it seems like only yesterday that Frank Allen joined the Liverpool outfit,although it was back in 1964. We hope that you all enjoyed our trans Atlantic chat with John Walker from the Walker brothers.Sad to report that John passed away in May 2011 aged 67 over in Amaerica.The latest chat was with the guy that has been entertaining us for over 50 yrs,and is still touring regularly,and he is our favourite guitarist Mr Joe Brown.Chip Hawkes from the Tremeloes was colourful when we had our recent sixties Sunday chat.The latest pop star to enlighten us was Andy Fairweather Low,who turned out to be a really nice fellow to talk about his great pedigee in music.Most recently we chatted again to Chris Farlowe,and Dick Taylor who was on the early Rolling Stones,but now he playing some major gigs with the Pretty Things.In October 2010 we had the pleasure of having a chat with the founder member & current drummer with the Tremeloes,he is Dave Munden and he gave us an insight as to what the group were up to currently.On Sunday 22nd May 2011 it was the turn of guitarist Gary Leport who played for sixties instrumental group the "Moontrekkers" and went onto play for Rod Stewart,I hope that you found Gary interesting gang.?

Recently added are some more photo galleries,the latest one being number 8 features some shots of our favourite drummer Clem Cattini, Clem has drummed on over 40 UK number one hits & is one of the top players from right back to 1961.

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